Automotive High School, Brooklyn, NY


The Automotive High School in New York City is the first school to register for participation. Two members of their staff, Joe Ferrari and Tommy Cassino, are serving on The Great Race Advisory Board. This faculty is strongly focused on project-based learning, interdisciplinary curriculum, full integration of the academics with the automotive courses, and finally, is devoted to environmental projects. Established in 1937 this school has been award-winning since its inception in 1937. Their projects have been featured in a short film, with recent screenings at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and the 2006 Sundance Summit, a mayor’s gathering on Climate Protection hosted by ICLEI and Robert Redford. They have also been featured in various news media regarding their environmental Grease Car Project, in which the students are converting cars to run on used vegetable oil.

Please see our Great Race Advisor, Joe Ferrari, and two Automotive High School students, Jeremy Zamora and Juan Gonzalez, at The Great Race 2008 Press Conference which took place at the famous Tavern on the Green in New York City on February 12, 2008. Watch the video on this page to see and hear Joe Ferrari, Jeremy Zamora and Juan Gonzalez.

You can also see another Great Race Advisory Board member, Mark Swiger, from John Marshall High School, as he stands in front of the Tavern on the Green waiting for John Henry, another Great Race Advisory Board member representing project partner EIRC.

Automotive High School is serving as the official Great Race 2008 - Global Collaborative Classrooms Project ambassadors for New York City, the start line of the race. For students at Automotive High School, the race is less about speed and more about education. Faculty at the school plan to install a Web cam in a hybrid car and are raising funds to visit one or more of the stops along the route. Automotive students will also serve as start-day ambassadors for the race.