Curricular Strands and Projects from The Great Race Theme

The Great Race theme offers almost infinite possibilities for teaching not only the content standards and disciplines, but the multiple literacies required for true success in life for 21st century students. Because the theme is The Great Race of 2008, which is the centennial celebration of The Great Race of 1908, we have many possibilities for projects within the theme, from pre-K to Ph.D. levels! The race is a historic event; it travels across 3 continents, through 13 countries and through 180 cities. In addition to the countries on the race route, teams entered in the race represent additional countries. Thus, we have automatic global, multicultural connections which demand the use of 21st century technologies so that students may collaborate with each other and experts from around the world.

When we think of the race from New York City to Paris, we envision the race route, or road. Thinking of roads and countries, we are taken to the idea of maps and geography, multiple languages, cultures, histories, climates, governments, economies, and more. So let's take a look at some of the interdisciplinary possibilities for this theme.

Discuss the following possibilities with your students and colleagues. Please add your ideas to this list. We recommend that you sign up for the particular strands, or projects within strands, that you want to pursue, and then link up with one or more classrooms from other countries to conduct collaborative research and to create collaborative final student products which demonstrate what the students have learned as a result of their investigations.

Click on each of the links below to view a growing list of ideas for student projects. These topics/strands are not mutually exclusive, but can and do overlap in many ways. Please view all of them, then decide on what type of project you want to conduct with your students. Please submit your suggestions!

Each of the strands below contains ideas for connecting to the standards/disciplines as well as multiple student project ideas. Each of the following pages also contains links to resources and sample documented student projects.