Final Student Products

After the students have conducted their research, independently and collaboratively with students and experts globally, what do we want to see? What kinds of products do we want to come out of this project?

Final student products should be extremely high quality. Their audience will be the world. Student products will be available for viewing online and will be submitted to prestigious historical and scientific archives around the world. When students know that their product will become part of history, and on display within archives such as the American Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, and other archives around the world, they will be motivated to perform at their highest levels of excellence.

These are the products we hope you and your students will create:

  • Student-produced films - feature length film about The Great Race or a subtopic within this project. See Filmmaking.
  • Student-produced documentaries - individual or small group research reports can be presented in the format of a documentary (such as those seen on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, etc.). These can be on an almost infinite number of topics. See Student Documentary Ideas and Rubric coming soon.
  • The Great Race Cookbook - in print, digital and video format! Let's create a huge, collaborative cookbook - The Great Race Cookbook, and include recipes from countries along the race route, from countries with teams entering the race, and countries where participating students reside! Along with your recipe, create a video of a cooking show styled to the format of Alton Brown's show, Good Eats. If you haven't seen it, please watch it. We recommend that you order the DVDs of his shows for your school's library - they are that good! Alton includes and makes connections to everything from chemistry to history, physics, literature, anthropology and more. Be sure your students do the same with their recipes! Watch for the Cookbook Rubric coming soon! See Cookbook.
  • Photo Essays
  • Oral Histories
  • Video Games - have your students design an original video game which teaches content and skills related to this unit.
  • Music Videos - ask your musically inclined students to compose a song, then film a music video related to The Great Race or a subcategory within this project.
  • Web Sites
  • Research Reports
  • Automotive Designs
  • Environmental Projects
  • Architectural Designs
  • Gardens
  • Paintings
  • Theater Productions
  • Informational Brochures
  • Maps
  • Service Learning Projects - have your students create a record of their service learning project. See Service Learning Project Rubric coming soon.
  • more to come. Send us your ideas!