Food Along the Way - a Multicultural Dining Experience Around the World

Cooking and Dining

Enjoying a meal with a family in China.
A cooking school in France.

The people, the ingredients, the gardens and the markets.
This is the weekly market in a large village.
These ladies said that they traveled for two
days on foot from their little village in order
to sell their vegetables here. More info here.

"Next time, bring me a husband," laughs a
merchant at Kuznechny, a covered market
in St.Petersburg. She is selling big bunches
of dill and parsley, traditional greens in
Russian cuisine. More info here.

Get Your Chef's Hats and Let's Go!

Can you imagine the culinary wonders you will experience on the route of The Great Race 2008 - from New York City to Paris? A certain feast to remember for life will be served as you traverse 3 continents, 12 countries, and 180 cities while traveling nearly 35,000 km (22,000 miles) around the world! Bring your appetites!

A veritable plethora of fascinating people, gardens, wildlife, plant life, horticulture, cooking and dining await you on the route of The Great Race! Students, set your tables! Chefs, prepare to collect those recipes! From the offerings of traditional village recipes to the finest culinary creations of internationally acclaimed chefs, we want to gather information and create new knowledge for our audience.


"At age seventeen, Chom Pasidparchya can do something most boys his age cannot: He can cook -- really cook -- whipping up gourmet dishes and decadent desserts that belie his youthful, round face, and slight adolescent frame.
"His uncle, Arun Sampanthavivat, a renowned chef specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine, piqued Pasidparchya’s culinary curiosity at an early age. But Pasidparchya credits the hands-on experience and professional tutelage he has gained through the Chicago Public Schools’ After School Matters culinary-arts program -- and a little of this and a dash of that -- with inspiring him to pursue a career as a chef." Read the entire article here.

Broad topics within this strand:
  • Cultural cooking
  • Dining - famous international chefs and restaurants
  • Celebrations and holidays around the world
  • Life as a chef - careers in the culinary arts
  • Gardening (see the Edible Schoolyard Project)
  • Agriculture - fertilizers, genetic engineering, land conservation
  • Water - conservation, drought, drought-resistance crops, making clean water


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