Media Production

Media literacy is one of the critical skills needed for the 21st century. There is no better way for students to acquire media literacy than through the production of media. Therefore, we are strongly encouraging teachers and media experts to dedicate the time and energy required to assist students in developing high quality student-produced media.

We are asking for original student-produced:

  • Films - full-length feature films on a topic related to The Great Race. See Student Filmmaking.
  • Documentaries (such as those seen on the Science Channel, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, etc.)
  • Television productions (from "how-to" shows from physical fitness and nutrition, to cooking shows - such as Alton Brown's show, Good Eats, to gardening, automotive mechanics, design, and the arts, etc.)
  • Music Videos - original songs and performances.
  • Theater productions
  • Photo Essays
  • Oral Histories
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Video Games
  • Radio shows


  • 21st Century Schools Media Literacy pages - has links to media literacy definitions, media literacy in the classroom, media literacy resources and links to excellent web sites.
  • The George Lucas Education Foundation web site has many articles and videos related to student filmmaking. Just go to and do a search for "film". You will be inspired by the many wonderful examples of teachers using filmmaking to deliver the content standards as well as multiple 21st century literacies.
  • Alliance for a Media Literate America - excellent resource for information on media literacy, resources and lesson ideas for teaching media literacy.