Student Teams to enter The Great Race 2008 - New York City to Paris!

Great Race Sports, Inc. has invited 21st Century Schools to field the only student team to enter the Great Race!. We are excited and dedicated to making this a reality!

Our goal is to field two student teams: one race team with drivers, navigators and backups. The other team will be our journalism media team, responsible for filming the entire event from now to the finish line in Paris on August 3, 2008. This team will film race events, and conduct filmed interviews of other race teams as well as students and race observers along the entire race route. They will be sending daily journal entries in the form of emails, photographs and video clips to our wiki. These will be used by all the students involved in this global collaborative classrooms project as part of their research and in the creation of documentary-style documents to tell the story of The Great Race 2008 and the student global collaborative project. These stories will then be submitted to historic and scientific archives around the world to become a part of living history!

So far our race team has two official student members. They are Greg Riggs and Eddie Peters from John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, West Virginia. Their very talented and dedicated teacher, Mark Swiger, is a member of the Great Race Advisory Board, and is working with 21st Century Schools, the Educational Research Information Center and the Automotive High School in Brooklyn, New York to obtain sponsorships for this fabulous student adventure.

This is about as authentic as education for the 21st century gets!


Contact us if you would like to serve on the Advisory Board, or if you are able to assist our team in obtaining the vehicle for the race, the race entry fee, and other expenses for the race. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our students - those actually going on the race, as well as those participating in the global, collaborative classrooms project - and a wonderful opportunity for sponsors to make a substantial contribution to education, and to obtain unique, one-of-a-kind, inspiring and adventurous footage for a new advertising campaign.